Australian Visitor Visa 2023: Updated Application Procedure & Latest News
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Australian Visitor Visa 2023: Updated Application Procedure & Latest News

Contemplating a journey to Australia? You will need an Australian visitor visa to gain entry into the country. Hence, kick-starting this process early can pave the way for a well-orchestrated and stress-free vacation.

This article provides valuable tips on how to navigate the application process and submit a persuasive application.

Australian Visitor Visa Prerequisites

The Australian administration now welcomes online submissions for tourist visas. Here’s a rundown of the documents required to apply for an Australian tourist visa:

  • A valid passport (with copies of all utilized pages; the passport should be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the application date)
  • Employment verification, where applicable
  • 1419 Tourist Application Form or the 1415 Business Application Form
  • The Reduce Time Form, exclusively used for Fast Track applications
  • Passport-sized photos (usually 35 by 45 mm with a white backdrop), showing at least 80% of the subject’s face
  • A cover letter addressed to the Australian High Commission
  • Personal electronic bank statements for the last six months, showing bank name and contact details
  • Pay slips (for employed applicants, from the last three months)
  • Tax returns from the past three years

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Supplementary Requirements

There are additional specifications for applicants, including:

  • For business owners: identification, recent three months’ pay slips, a company cover letter, an original electronic bank statement from the past three months, proof of paid income taxes, a memo from senior management, a partnership agreement, a business license, sole proprietorship documents, etc.
  • For children: a photo ID and a formal letter from the school verifying their absence or report card
  • For sponsored applicants: private housing documents and sponsorship proof
  • For retirees: proof of retirement, such as pension fund statements from the past three months
  • For honeymooners: photos from the wedding and engagement

Processing Time for Australian Visitor Visa

Processing time for an Australian tourist visa can vary between 5 and 29 days, contingent on individual circumstances. After submitting your visa application, it’s essential to frequently monitor its progress.

Processing times can also differ depending on the type of Australian visa you’re applying for. For example, applying for a working holiday visa may expedite the process.

Additionally, applicants need to provide the necessary documentation and biometric data, like photos and fingerprints.

This is done at a biometric collection center located at certain Australian embassies and consulates. Upon approval, you’ll receive an email confirmation with an electronic visa grant notice attached.

The notice will detail your visa’s terms and expiration date. For visiting visas, criteria and processing times differ by country.

Australian Visitor Visa Expense

Application expenses for an Australian visitor visa (from outside Australia) are as follows:

  • A visitor visa (subclass 600) permits a 12-month stay and costs 190 Australian dollars
  • Subclass 600 business visitor visa, also priced at 190 Australian dollars, is recommended for those visiting Australia for business

Top Suggestions for an Australian Tourist Visa

Obtaining a tourist visa seems straightforward, but meeting all requirements while applying is seldom an easy feat. Hence, understanding key factors that can increase your success rate is crucial.

  • Seek Professional Assistance: Navigating the Australian tourist visa process independently may not be the best idea. The expertise of a registered Mara agent or other reputable travel portals can be immensely helpful. Mara agents, recognized by Australian law, can apply on behalf of clients. They are skilled in submitting error-free applications, understanding all requirements to correctly prepare your case file, and also assist in itinerary and travel document preparation.
  • File Your Income Tax Return: Filing your income tax return and showcasing your financial stability significantly strengthens your application. Timely and consistent income tax filing reflects financial management skills. Demonstrate your financial stability by declaring both liquid and non-liquid savings.
  • Highlight Your Travel History: Frequent travelers have an edge over first-time travelers. If you’ve undertaken numerous leisure trips globally, a visit to Australia is perceived as just another excursion.
  • Proof of Returning to Home Country: Provide solid evidence that you’ll return to your home country after your designated period in Australia.

Remember, your profile as an applicant plays a significant role in the smooth acceptance of your Australian tourist visa.


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